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CEO of Phu Dong Group - Chairman of Saigon Times Club


– CEO of Phu Dong Group

– Chairman of Saigon Times Club
Experts and Lecturer of “ Sales in the Real estate course” of BizLight Business School, Mr. Ngo Quang Phuc – CEO of Phu Dong Group, Former CEO of Him Lam Real Estate Joint Stock Company, Saigon Times (belonging to the Saigon Economic Times). Phu Dong Group’s orientation of apartment building comes from Ngo Quang Phuc’s insights on the difficulties of young people when they start their business.
He prediction of CEO Ngo Quang Phuc with the real estate industry after graduation, the financial student decided to knock the door of the Saigon Thuong Tin Real Estate Joint Stock Company – Sacomreal although no knowledge of real estate products.
Mr. Phuc set a record in Sacomreal sell only after a week apprentice.
Since then, he has always been in the top with the best sales floor and only 6 months later was appointed head of business. Four months later, he held the position of head of transaction office in South Saigon area.
Mr. Phuc said that in 2009, Sacomreal staff has been changed a lot. He headed for the Him Lam Land, head of business department. His contribution to the strategy of the board helped the company stand firmly through the global economic crisis, which severely affected the real estate market in Vietnam. When the market recovered, Mr. Ngo Quang Phuc just played the role of Deputy General Director in Him Lam Land, has just led the construction partner Phu Dong Group.
Since March 2018, CEO Ngo Quang Phuc officially took over the position of General Director of Phu Dong Group, leading the big boat to conquer the new waves.
After 15 years as a real estate professional when he was General Director, Mr. Phuc remained early and later all employees. The fire of enthusiasm for his work after 15 years has not cooled, he is always aggressive in each meeting, each with employee exchange and customer contact.