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BizLight Business School Introduction

About Us

The BizLight Business School (a member of Den Than Group) is a unit that accompanies with the Department of Trade and Industry's (Vietrade) and Trade Promotion Program. BizLight specializes in providing Online training courses (via www.caydenthan.info), In- house training, Public training, Develop in domestic and foreign markets; Economic and legal advice free of charge.

The idea of “caydenthan” comes from thinking together after a long period of research, work in the field of finance and banking, legal advice and teaching at the university of our expert group. The knowledge that students at different ranks from college, university, graduate school and graduate student from the university environment are largely theoretical and very few address real situations.

There are not many opportunities to interact and learn from the real working environment, including those working in banking or other forms of business his career. At the same time, the current working environment in domestic and foreign economic organizations is becoming more professional and for promotion or high salaries require the candidates or those who are working must have much knowledge, experience to help the organization achieve the set business goals.

Therefore, BizLight and Vietrade's training, consulting and support programs to develop domestic and foreign markets will help customers narrow the gap between environmental knowledge and real demand. It will also help you keep up to date with new knowledge and experiences in the career fields you are or will be working on, thereby lighting up your career orientation. in the future and get access to your new knowledge.

Vision and Mission

* BizLight Business School is a unit that conducts training, consulting and business matching activities. In terms of training, BizLight conducts in-house training; Training in public and online training programs by industry experts in the field or through seminars and seminars.
*In addition, BizLight also advises businesses and cooperates such consulting activities, such as increasing sales, developing local and international brands, law, marketing, ....
* BizLight is also associated with Vietrade - Ministry of Industry and Trade and other strategic partners to connect domestic enterprises to seek and develop domestic and foreign markets.

* Provide skills, experience and knowledge in the fields of economics and law, ... through training programs, seminars / consultations and consultancy;
* Through the support from Vietrade - the Ministry of Industry and Trade and strategic partners in the fields of banking, communications, media, real estate ... BizLight implements joint venture To seek and develop domestic and foreign markets;
* Consultancy on financial, legal and business solutions of enterprises;
* Top experts and trainers in each field providing the training, consulting and business matching services.

Target Learners

Target learners of the BizLight Business School include individuals and organizations of all disciplines in the economy. Our customers will be best served by BizLight not only for one or two products, but also for open packages with different options and in different areas with different levels. Extremely competitive price and competitive in the market.