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Lecturers (Fields of law and Real estate)

Dr. Dang Anh Quan

Lecturer fields of law and Real estate


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“We help businesses operate more efficiently through our legal counseling programs.”

Dr. Dang Anh Quan is a lecturer of the Commercial Law Department, the University of Law of Ho Chi Minh City. He has been teaching at the school since 2001, in charge of teaching Land Laws and Real Estate Business Law. He is also a visiting lecturer of many universities and academies in the south and regularly participates in training short-term training courses on the needs of enterprises on legal investment real estate.

In addition to his research and teaching, Dr. Dang Anh Quan has been involved in legal consultancy since 2002. He has supported the tuoitreonline website to answer your questions, read about land law and related records and procedures. To support households and individuals in settling disputes and complaints in the land domain. Currently, he is an attorney of Russin & Vecchi Law Firm, in charge of advising large domestic and foreign enterprises on legal matters relating to real estate investment projects, sale and transfer project, projects and mergers and acquisitions.

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