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Deputy representative South office of Dan Tri newspaper

Journalist Ngo Cong Quang

Deputy representative  south office  of Dan Tri Newspaper

Lecturer (Communication fields)

“As a journalist, live and work for the people, do not let people fear,” remarked by Journalist Ngo Cong Quang.

Journalist Ngo Cong Quang came to the newspaper while sitting in the lecture hall of the University of Social Sciences & Humanities HCMC. His article has been selected by the editors to be used in current textbooks for teaching in schools. (Printed in volume 1, 12th grade literacy textbooks). In the beginning of journalism in the field of interior, he has gradually shaped the personal brand by writing sharp, the body of a young pen. Having achieved certain experiences, Mr. Quang gradually shifted to economic and political fields.

In addition to in-depth articles on the real estate, finance and banking markets, he is also a political observer with articles reflecting the real, lively sessions of the People’s Council, the election, contact the voters of the President, leaders of the City Party Committee, Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee. He is also a journalist presenting in many events to welcome the heads of state, business delegations, foreign diplomatic countries visit Vietnam and find out investment opportunities, cooperation.

From the working sessions with the macroscopic decision of the management agency, Mr.Ngo Cong Quang has transferred the orientation information to each of the social components, especially business people, businesses, community Start-up Vietnam. As a journalist living fully with the profession, he is trusted by many businesses as senior consultants in communications for the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors.